21 March 2008

yes....she dances....ALL THE TIME!

Whenever we sing or put on music Vye just looks up at us and starts bouncing her head and then she just gets her whole body going! It's her new trick. Hopefully she'll be a musician so Chad can start the daddy daughter band he's always wanted! The Name...VINYL

18 March 2008

my vyeberry

im obsessed!

TOP 3 Things I Recommend.
1. wear sunscreen
2. have kids (especially little girls)
3. go to london as often as possible

03 March 2008

just born

welcome to my personal blog. i just got sick of chad writing every other month and never writing anything that wasn't cynical. so i guess you can visit me anytime you want... which would be nice since most all my friends live far far away. oh how i miss sweet provo where we all lived down the street from each other. 

oh yeah i am going back to provo in a month! bombay house here i come!