17 September 2009

Disney 101

If you dont have kids, RENT one and take he/she to Disneyland. It is awesome.

Attend on the hottest, most humid day on southern california, and there will be no lines!

26 July 2009


So I got this from Ellen's blog. Cute picture of the family. Utah was GREAT! We saw all our old friends and had a wonderful time! Provo is just a little slice if happiness.

15 March 2009

So in a 3 day notice,
my chad,
left for Dubai.
To work here at The Burj


He apologizes if he did not tell you this. We had no time to really tell. Check his blog for pictures and thoughts of this place. He is on a 17 hour flight right now!!

25 January 2009

06 November 2008

Pumpkin Petting Zoo

Love the Fall, Love the Pumpkins, Love the Vye, Love the Billy Goat!

17 September 2008

My Birthday is coming, and this is what i want!

I have been talking about this for a very long time. I really want this adult tricycle! Now this would be really cool if chad and i lived in a city, not a suburb of a city of a city of a city, like all of southern california. But hey, i needa start exercising everyday and i thought if i had something fun maybe i would actually do it. Lets be honest, i have NEVER been one to exercise everyday, or even on a schedule of every other day, but you know i NEED to do it. Not just for myself (cause honestly i dont look thhhaaat bad, i mean i have a little more junk in the trunk, and a small floatish inner tube on my tummy) but i need to do it for my vye! I want her to grow up with a mommy that exercises cause it is good for you! And it is important! And if there is one thing that i have learned is that living by example is far more influential. WALK THE WALK and shut your mouth (sometimes)

30 August 2008

what we did in may

So i promise to do better at this blog thing. once a week from here on out. but now i must catch up!

well the big thing in may was vye's birthday! she turned 1! my whole family was there and some friends from high school that i hadn't seen in a long time! it turned out really well, despite the major heat wave of 99 degrees! big success for me: i made her birthday cake. 2 layer red velvet cake with a smashing cream filling, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries oh my!