07 May 2008

She 's a Monkey!

We almost have a 1 year old on our hands! For the longest time, like since womb, i wanted to have a fun 1st birthday with the theme of monkey's! this is mostly because martha stewart has an already made party box at Michael's with really cute monkey items that i know i could elaborate on very easily. well the chad did not like this theme, well in fact he wanted no theme...BORING. he realized that he just thought that monkey's wasn't "Cool" and he would want a theme if is was cool....his idea ROBOTS. This is a baby girl, even though she is more of a goy as far as chad is concerned. The theme i have chosen is fabulous and will be unveiled after her party in another week!

So back to the monkey topic. well seeing that this has become a very appropriate topic for the little vye vye i should have not listened to the chad. does she walk, no, but she sure acts like she does! she climbs up the couch and tries to OVER the couch, she climbs into she stroller and stands up (very scary). she climbs out of any belt restraint you put around her in a shopping cart or high chair. she will climb into anything, under anything she can get between, but our favorite is the oven. my mother has a double decker oven, and yes the vye loves this little place where she can show just how strong women can be.