17 September 2008

My Birthday is coming, and this is what i want!

I have been talking about this for a very long time. I really want this adult tricycle! Now this would be really cool if chad and i lived in a city, not a suburb of a city of a city of a city, like all of southern california. But hey, i needa start exercising everyday and i thought if i had something fun maybe i would actually do it. Lets be honest, i have NEVER been one to exercise everyday, or even on a schedule of every other day, but you know i NEED to do it. Not just for myself (cause honestly i dont look thhhaaat bad, i mean i have a little more junk in the trunk, and a small floatish inner tube on my tummy) but i need to do it for my vye! I want her to grow up with a mommy that exercises cause it is good for you! And it is important! And if there is one thing that i have learned is that living by example is far more influential. WALK THE WALK and shut your mouth (sometimes)