30 August 2008

what we did in may

So i promise to do better at this blog thing. once a week from here on out. but now i must catch up!

well the big thing in may was vye's birthday! she turned 1! my whole family was there and some friends from high school that i hadn't seen in a long time! it turned out really well, despite the major heat wave of 99 degrees! big success for me: i made her birthday cake. 2 layer red velvet cake with a smashing cream filling, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries oh my!

what we did in june

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gilman

Another amazing wedding this summer! Now technically they were married on the 31st of may, but i don't have anything for june and i wanted this blog sequence to flow. They wedded in the San Diego Temple and then had an awesome ring ceremony in Coranado. The BEST ring ceremony i have ever been to. (Really wish i had done one :( maybe chad will marry me again) Everything went really well. except for the food posioning...dundundun.

she layed there herself i promise!

23 August 2008

what we did in july

Well the big thing we did was go to hawaii to meet up with the hokamas. it was awesome! i met ALL of chad's extended family for the first time and they all met the Vye Vye for the first time! she was of course the hit of the trip for everyone! we stayed on oahu for 10 days in a totally awesome beach house. straight out of the 1960's on the north shore. We reunioned, we weddinged, we beached, we ate, we bon fired, and we enjoyed!

our "average" backyard

yes i am white....but i came back from hawaii a nice shade of cream.

hokama reunion 2008!

where's waldo?

we really liked the beach, i guess i never realized how great hawaii really is until this trip. i cant' wait to go back!